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Hey Beauty,
I'm Alia

Bilingual, speaking English and Spanish

Welcome to my world of beauty and creativity!  From the early days of playing with makeup to diving into the vibrant universe of cosmetics, my journey in the beauty industry has been a passion-driven adventure. Starting with freelance makeup and retail, I soon craved more, leading me to explore the intricate world of cosmetology.


My beauty odyssey truly blossomed at the Wave Hair Extension Lounge, where I’ve swiftly mastered the art of extensions and honed my coloring expertise. I firmly believe that hair is the ultimate accessory, and my mission is to boost your confidence by crafting your dream look—whether it’s a bold chop, a splash of color, or those gorgeous extensions you’ve been eyeing.


Beyond the salon, I’m an avid thrifter and the proud curator of a small online vintage store. When I’m not immersed in the beauty world, you’ll find me on the hunt for unique treasures or orchestrating events for my vintage haven. Can’t wait to connect, create, and share the beauty and fashion journey with you!

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